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  1. A horizontal line of information.
  2. Descriptive text located above or below the table that further describes the purpose of the table.
  3. The same as a heading cell - it is any cell with bold, centered text that indicates the purpose of the row or column.
  4. The line that encloses the perimeter of the table.
  5. Displays normal text that is left-aligned.
  6. In the <th> or <td> tag, a __________set a number of rows spanned by a cell.
  7. The intersection of a row and a column.
  8. Allows you to organize information on a Web page using HTML tags by arranging text and images into rows and columns in order to make the information straightforward and clear.
  9. Used to define styles for multiple pages in a Web site.
  10. More space around the content within a cell.
  11. Specifies the distance between the borders of adjacent cells in a table.
  12. Indicates the start and end of a table row and consists of heading and/or data cells.
  13. In the <th> or <td> tag, a _________ sets a number of columns spanned by a cell.
  14. A vertical line of information.
  15. Displays text as bold and center-aligned.
  16. Indicates the start and end of a data cell in a table.
  17. Indicates the start and end of a table heading.