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  1. parent container element
  2. margin-top
  3. element
  4. border-style (list the 8 types that can be applied)
  5. centering containers
  6. border-width: (tell how to define the width with examples)
  7. child element
  8. margin-left
  9. padding
  10. border shortcut notation
  11. border-width (tell what this does and what form the value can be in)
  12. margin-right
  13. border-color (tell what this does and what formats it can be written in)
  14. border properties
  15. margin
  16. border-radius
  1. a another name for a tag
    An example of an element is <a> or the anchor tag
  2. b specifies a margin to be applied only to the left side of an element
  3. c border-width: thin, medium, thick, 1mm, .5cm, 10px, 5pt, etc.
  4. d ridge, dashed, double, inset, dotted, solid, groove, outset
  5. e This property does not add or define lines around an element, but allows you to change an element's borders by rounding the corners giving it a more fluid appearance.
  6. f This refers to the spacing around the OUTSIDE of an element. Use should use these to prevent clutter on your website. These can be applied to any element, not only containers.
  7. g the element that contains other elements

    Example - the body element is this to the header and article elements.
  8. h style, color, size, radius
  9. i This property will define the color of the border applied to an element. It can be written in hex or rgb format.
  10. j This property will define the thickness of the border around an element. The value can be in the form of keywords or specific units of measure.
  11. k specifies a margin to be applied only to the bottom of an element
  12. l the element placed inside another element

    Example - the header and article elements are this to the body element.
  13. m specifies a margin to be applied only to the right side of an element
  14. n to do this within its parent element, set the value of the child container to AUTO; this will automatically set the margins of each side evenly
  15. o generally the border-style, border-color, and border-width properties will all three be applied together, therefore the style can be written in a shortcut form without writing out all three individual properties

    border: style color width
    <div style="border:solid #ff0000 3px">
  16. p NOT the same as a margin. This expands a container element's borders outward away from it's content by a given amount. Think of this as being on the INSIDE and margins as being on the OUTSIDE.