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  1. The HTTP response code ____ means the request had no errors
  2. JSONP
  3. Cannot be converted to a JSON string
  4. The ____ response to an _____ is placed in the request's ______ property
  5. An HTTP response includes a response ____ that indicates if there was an error with the request
  6. Command to turn a 'stringified' JavaScript object back into a JS object. Assume the information was stored as 'jsonString'
  7. JSON
  8. XMLHttpRequest is used in applications to update _____ such as ____ and ___ without requiring a page reload
  9. JavaScript command to create a 'request' object
  10. True or false: XMLHttpRequest can be used to retrieve any kind of text content, such as XML, JSON, and more
  11. JSON has quickly become the 'format of choice' for getting information from the web with HTML5 apps, and has overtaken and surpassed(?) its 'rival':
  12. To use XMLHttpRequest, you must serve files and request data from a _____ , which can be ____ or _____
  13. The XMLHttpRequest object's ____ handler handles getting the response from the _____
  14. To send an HTTP request from JS, use the ____ object
  15. Boolean condition indicating 'success' for a request object in getting information
  16. Command to go out and get some data from the server (by a 'request' object)
  17. Command to take a JavaScript object (called 'movie') and store in as 'web data' using JSON
  18. JS command to tell a request object what URL to use to get information along with the kind of request it should use. Assume a standard 'GET' procedure and a URL called 'url'
  19. A way to retrieve JSON objects by using the <script> tag, that eliminates or side steps security issues often occuring with XMLHttpRequest when attempting to get access to information stored on a different server than the one hosting the current page
  20. To get HTML ____ or ____ from a server, the browser sends a(n) _____ request
  21. To convert the responseText string to JSON use the _____ method
  22. True or false: The XMLHttpRequest onload property is supported by most older browsers, including IE8 and lower
  23. A much more meaningful name other than "JSON with Padding"
  24. A ____ is often written to let us know when data comes in from the server
  25. Framework snippet for a request handler
  1. a"GET", url);
  2. b JSON.parse
  3. c
  4. d JavaScript Object Notation
  5. e JSON.parse(jsonString);
  6. f code
  7. g handler
  8. h false
  9. i JSONP
  10. j request.status == 200
  11. k JSON ... XMLHttpRequest...responseText
  12. l request.send(null);
  13. m XMLHttpRequest
  14. n JSON with Padding
  15. o JSON.stringify(movie);
  16. p XML
  17. q methods
  18. r true
  19. s server...local...hosted
  20. t onload ... server
  21. u var request = new XMLHttpRequest();
  22. v 200
  23. w request.onload = function{ if(request.status==200) <code here>};
  24. x HTTP
  25. y JSON with a Callback