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  1. JS command to open another web page in another windowelement, text, attribute, comment


  2. True or false: You can have more than one <script> element on a given web pagedocument.write(<whatever>);


  3. According to the DOM, each element of a web page is represented as a ____ in the DOMmodify...loaded...user


  4. DOM _____ lets you use _____ to update a web page in response to user actions that are called _____node


  5. A common 'trigger' keyword used to start an eventdocument.write(<whatever>);


  6. If a script element is coded in the body of a document, it is _____ by the output of the JS code when the web page has been renderedreplaced


  7. JavaScript can ____ the contents of a web page when the page is _____ or in response to a _____ actionmodify...loaded...user


  8. Common JS keyword used to automate typical tasks you want to do possibly many timesdocument.write(<whatever>);


  9. This HTML tag should ALWAYS be used in the event JavaScript is disabled by the uservalid


  10. With HTML5, this attribute may be omitted from the <script> tag, but older versions of HTML required ittype="text/javascript"


  11. Common types of nodes: ____, ____, _____,'myFile.html', 'myWindow', 'width= xx', height=yy');


  12. JS command to write a date (stored as a variable called 'today') on a web page, nested in a paragraphvar today=new Date();


  13. JavaScript code is executed in the web _____ by it's _____; this is referred to as _____-_____ processingmodify...loaded...user


  14. Common JS command to 'cough' something up on the web'myFile.html', 'myWindow', 'width= xx', height=yy');


  15. JavaScript command to get the current date and store it in a variable called 'today'var today=new Date();


  16. An HTML document must be ____ before and after a script'myFile.html', 'myWindow', 'width= xx', height=yy');


  17. The noscript element is used to display content when JS is _____ in a user's browserdisabled


  18. Option in "Web Developer Toolbar" that let's you view the page source after it has been run by a browser, especially if there were scripts that were processed"View Generated Source"


  19. Client-side processing helps an application run _____ than server-side processingvalid


  20. An event is usually an action the user performs with a _____ or ______mouse ... keyboard


  21. The JS code that is executed is in response to an event that is called a(n) _____ ______mouse ... keyboard