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  1. If a script element is coded in the body of a document, it is _____ by the output of the JS code when the web page has been rendered
  2. JavaScript code is executed in the web _____ by it's _____; this is referred to as _____-_____ processing
  3. True or false: You can have more than one <script> element on a given web page
  4. The noscript element is used to display content when JS is _____ in a user's browser
  5. A common 'trigger' keyword used to start an event
  6. This HTML tag should ALWAYS be used in the event JavaScript is disabled by the user
  7. JS command to write a date (stored as a variable called 'today') on a web page, nested in a paragraph
  8. Option in "Web Developer Toolbar" that let's you view the page source after it has been run by a browser, especially if there were scripts that were processed
  9. Common JS keyword used to automate typical tasks you want to do possibly many times
  10. An event is usually an action the user performs with a _____ or ______
  11. An HTML document must be ____ before and after a script runs
  12. DOM _____ lets you use _____ to update a web page in response to user actions that are called _____
  13. Common JS command to 'cough' something up on the web page
  14. Common types of nodes: ____, ____, _____, _____
  15. According to the DOM, each element of a web page is represented as a ____ in the DOM
  16. JS command to open another web page in another window
  17. The JS code that is executed is in response to an event that is called a(n) _____ ______
  18. Client-side processing helps an application run _____ than server-side processing
  19. JavaScript command to get the current date and store it in a variable called 'today'
  20. JavaScript can ____ the contents of a web page when the page is _____ or in response to a _____ action
  21. With HTML5, this attribute may be omitted from the <script> tag, but older versions of HTML required it
  1. a browser...engine...client-side
  2. b
  3. c replaced
  4. d var today=new Date();
  5. e type="text/javascript"
  6. f event handler
  7. g onclick
  8. h valid
  9. i'myFile.html', 'myWindow', 'width= xx', height=yy');
  10. j element, text, attribute, comment
  11. k node
  12. l function
  13. m document.write(<whatever>);
  14. n modify...loaded...user
  15. o "View Generated Source"
  16. p true
  17. q <noscript>
  18. r disabled
  19. s document.write("<p>"+ today.toDateString() + "</p>";
  20. t faster
  21. u mouse ... keyboard