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  1. Attribute default value for property "method"
  2. Basic HTML container tag for user-input 'goodies'
  3. Attribute property that specifies the nature of the input element
  4. Attribute that specifies the biggest number of characters the user can put in a text field
  5. For the ____ method, the data is hidden
  6. GUI
  7. Attribute controlling the width of the text field based on the average character width of the font
  8. Boolean attribute that tells the browser to set the focus on a field when the page is loaded
  9. The 'button' value for the type attribute is typically used to ...
  10. Boolean attribute that means a user cannot change the control's value
  11. You code the ____ attribute to uniquely identify each form and control; the ____ attribute is used to target the control as a CSS selector. (Sometimes, they are the same)
  12. For the ____ method, the ____ is followed by a ____ and the name/value pairs that are separated by _____
  13. True or false: You can see the data for a hidden field if you view the source code for the web page.
  14. This Boolean attribute causes a control to be activated when a page is loaded
  15. This attribute puts a default value or hint in a field. Unlike the value attribute, it's value is removed when the user's cursor enters the control
  16. Only one of these control types may be selected when placed in a group
  17. Attribute property specifying the HTTP technique used to submit form data
  18. Boolean attribute that deactivates a form, graying it out
  19. Four common values for the 'type' attribute for buttons and the button element
  20. Attribute property that specifies the text that's displayed on the button and submitted to the server when the button is clicked
  21. A form contains one or more _____ like text boxes, radio buttons, lists or check boxes that can receive _____
  22. When a form is submitted to the ____ for processing, the _____ in the controls is sent along with the _____ request
  23. It is better to use ____ to control the size of text fields
  24. Two attribute values for the method property: ____ and _____
  25. Attribute property used by client & server side code to access form information
  26. Attribute property housing the URL of the file that will process the data in the form
  27. Multiple selections may be made of these controls if they are in a group
  28. Three common values for the 'type' attribute for text fields
  29. The ___ and ____ types submit the form to the server
  1. a CSS
  2. b value
  3. c radio
  4. d maxlength
  5. e placeholder
  6. f checked
  7. g <form>
  8. h GET ... POST
  9. i text, password, hidden
  10. j readonly
  11. k
  12. l type
  13. m checkbox
  14. n true
  15. o submit...image
  16. p GET
  17. q controls (widgits, GUI elements)
  18. r autofocus
  19. s GET...URL...question mark...ampersands
  20. t a client-side script
  21. u POST
  22. v name
  23. w Graphical User Interface
  24. x action
  25. y size
  26. z submit, reset, button, image
  27. aa name ... id
  28. ab disabled
  29. ac method