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  1. Comment structure<!-- blah blah blah -->


  2. As of June 2012, the 5 top browers in order from best to worst in terms of their HTML5 ratingsAptana


  3. Five common attributes for an image tag<br> and <img>


  4. Essential coding language in HTML5JavaScript


  5. In addition to the required 'charset' metadata attribute, _____ and ______ attributes should be provided as well for SEOdescription, keywords


  6. Fancy word to describe a code feature that has been phased out or shelveddeprecated


  7. Using the _____ element is a good way to display YouTube videos in your web pagesCross-browser compatibility


  8. MIME type for a PDFMIME means Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, and refers to an official Internet standard that specifies how messages must be formatted so that they can be exchanged between different email systems. MIME is a very flexible format, permitting one to include virtually any type of file or document in an email message. Specifically, MIME messages can contain text, images, audio, video, or other application-specific data.


  9. HTML tag to code a hyperlink<a>


  10. Adobe's plug-in for videoFlash Player


  11. Command to establish the characters that compose a page<img>


  12. Three elements used to make descriptions lists<dl>, <dt>, <dd>


  13. Command to attach an external style sheet (called 'mystyles.css' to a web page<meta charset="UTF-8">


  14. 'codec' stands for...COder/DECoder


  15. The attribute used to help a screen reader pronounce words correctlytitle


  16. For images with useful content, always code a(n) _____ attribute that describes the imageempty tag


  17. True or false: Heading tags are the preferred way to size text.true


  18. AACAdvanced Audio Coding


  19. <input type="checkbox" name="mailList" checked> In this element, 'checked' is a _____ attributeBoolean


  20. Four other HTML5 semantic elementshgroup, time, figure, figcaption


  21. Safari and Chrome both use the _____ rendering engineprotocol


  22. URLWindows Media Audio


  23. Write a hyperlink, that jumps to a placeholder with an id of 'top' on the home page of the site (assume you are not on that page now). The link should read "Return to Home"<a href="index.html#top">Return to Home</a>


  24. To say that a browser "_______" supports a media type means that the browser doesn't require a plug-in for it.100


  25. APIIn computing, a uniform resource locator (URL) is a specific character string that constitutes a reference to an Internet resource. A URL is technically a type of uniform resource identifier (URI) but in many technical documents and verbal discussions URL is often used as a synonym for URI


  26. True or false: charset metadata is required for HTML5 validationtrue


  27. Image attribute that provides a screen (tool) tipcharset, name, and content


  28. Tag for an item within a list (either ordered or unordered)<li>


  29. HTML code elements should be in _____ case except for the document type which is in _____ caselower, upper


  30. Easiest way to add audio to an HTML5 page<audio src="fileName.mp3"></audio>


  31. An unordered list is often called a(n) ____ listspace


  32. Version of HTML that preceded HTML5id, class, title, lang


  33. Div and span elements should only be used...abbr, cite, code, dfn, em, kbd, q, samp, strong, var


  34. The Internet consists of manyWANs


  35. Two common examples of empty tagscharset, name, and content


  36. For browsers that don't support video or audio elements, you can ____ an object element within the video or audio element to play a ______ fileroot-relative


  37. Image type used for high quality (many colors, gradients) where transparency is requiredpng


  38. Regarding media for a web page: If you are having trouble getting the <object> & <param> elements to work properly, ______ is supported by HTML5 and may be a useful alternativefalse


  39. A free text editor that can be used to edit HTML or CSS codeMiro Converter (


  40. Common use of a link element that provides a 'custom' feel to your web pagevalidate an HTML file


  41. Block element that lets you divide a page into divisions that can be formatted and positioned with CSSdiv


  42. Provides information about the contents of a web documentmetadata


  43. Tag for creating an image on a web page<img>


  44. In the command: <li>bag of apples</li> the phrase 'bag of apples' is called the _____ of the elementcontent


  45. Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer are examples of _________pre, blockquote, address


  46. Tag for ordered lists<ol>


  47. The '#' symbol is called the _____ or ____ or ____symbol; it's fancy name is ______pound...hash...number...octothorpe


  48. Attribute with the <a> tag that specifies the address you want to link tohref


  49. <a> is an example of a(n) _______ elementinline


  50. Inline element that lets you identify text that can be formatted with CSSi, b, sub, sup, br


  51. Expected year when the HTML5 standard will be 'stable'<video src="fileName.mp4"></video>


  52. Chrome, Safari and the Android and iPhone mobile browsers are based onWebKit


  53. Expected year when the HTML5 standard will be a 'final recommendation' by the W3C2022


  54. '' is an example of a(n) _____ pathroot-relative


  55. Description lists were called _____ lists in HTML4, but they were renamed because you can code more than one _____ element for each ____ elementdefinition ...<dd>...<dt>


  56. Name of the '|' symbolapplication/x-shockwave-flash


  57. An element without content or a closing tagempty tag


  58. If you don't specify the MIME type for a file, it will be opened in the browser's _____ media player for that media typedefault


  59. An HTML element that only has one tag (such as img or br) is sometimes known as a _______ taglower, upper


  60. Links that jump to a location on the same page use _____, created with the ____ element with the ____ attributeplaceholders...<a>


  61. JavaScript method (function) that places string information into the body of a web pagedocument.write()


  62. True or false: id and class names are case sensitivepre, blockquote, address


  63. MIMEApplication Programming Interfaces


  64. A ____ is a location on a page that can be linked toXHTML


  65. Image type used for photographs and scansmeta


  66. True or false: description terms (<dt>) can only contain text and inline elementsterms ... descriptions


  67. Windows' plug-in for videoMedia Player


  68. wmaWindows Media Audio


  69. Three common video codecsH.264, Theora, VP8


  70. MIME type for a WAVapplication/pdf


  71. Tag for unordered listsapplication/x-shockwave-flash


  72. Ten inline elements for identifying content...when more specific tags don't apply


  73. '/login.html' is an example of a(n) ____ pathroot-relative


  74. Always code the _____ attribute on the html element to identify the language of the pageAptana


  75. A free product that can convert one type of media to anotherMiro Converter (


  76. Five inline elements for formatting texti, b, sub, sup, br


  77. WebKitAn open source browser engine


  78. Attribute values are delimited by ______<a>


  79. A ___ type describes the contents of a media file and helps a browser determine what player to use to open itplaceholder


  80. Running an HTML file on all of the browsers your clients may usemetadata


  81. Extension used for a custom iconico


  82. W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium


  83. To deploy (publish) a website to the Internet, you transfer your files with a(n) ____ programmetadata


  84. Approximate max number of characters in a title element65


  85. True or false: The height and width attributes are primarily used to fit an image into a given space on a page.true


  86. It's a best practice to code a series of links within a(n) _______ listunordered


  87. The html element is the _____ element of the treeroot


  88. You should use ____ to control the space between block elements<dl>, <dt>, <dd>


  89. Three tags for special types of textpre, blockquote, address


  90. Write a hyperlink, nested in a paragraph, that jumps to a placeholder with an id of 'top' on the same page as the link. The link should read "Return to top"<p><a href="#top">Return to top</a></p>


  91. In the code for a video element, the _____ attribute lets you specify an image file to be used as a static image in place of the video that would otherwise begin playing automatically.false


  92. Tag used for metadataaudio/x-wave


  93. If an ___ element links to a ____ file, the browser tries to display or play it by using the right ____ _____. To help the browser find the right one, you can use the ____ attribute to specify a ____ typeAptana


  94. SEOSearch Engine Optimization


  95. Three image formats supported by most browsersjpeg (jpg), gif, png


  96. Syntax for html containerid, class, title, lang


  97. 3 core technologies in HTML5Markup, JavaScript APIs, and CSS


  98. Browser's internal representation of a web pageFlash Player


  99. LANLocal Area Network (intranet)


  100. MIME type for a SWFapplication/x-shockwave-flash


  101. To display special characters (often those without keyboard values, such as a 'smiley'), use ____ _____2014


  102. Making sure a page looks good on multiple browsers of various vintagesgif


  103. Four core HTML attributesid, class, title, lang


  104. Useful site to check a browser's current


  105. The HTML for a navigation list is best coded as a series of ____ elements within the ___ elements of an ____ list<a> ... <li> ... unordered (<ul>)


  106. Birthed in 2005, this language was created to expedite web development and is central to making web pages look good on mobile devicesAptana


  107. Discover/correct problems in an HTML file<br> and <img>


  108. Attribute used to provide "tooltips" when a user hovers the mouse over the elementcharset, name, and content


  109. Six primary HTML5 semantic elements used for structuring a page (and are supported by the modern browsers)elements


  110. New _____ in HTML add semantics and structure<!-- blah blah blah -->


  111. _____ refers to the qualities that make a web site accessible to users, esp disabled usersAccessibility


  112. Two parts of the document tree:<ol>


  113. Easiest way to add video to an HTML5 pageJavaScript


  114. Tabs, line returns and extra spaces are ____<img>


  115. Identify the error: <p>We <i>love the web</p></i>Incorrect nesting: the <i> pair must be fully enclosed in the <p> pair


  116. For images that are used solely for decoration, use this attribute, which is known as a(n) ______ attributealt="" empty (no space)


  117. Multiple attributes are separated by a(n) ______space


  118. HTML5's new elements are a _____ of HTML 4 elements, which means older pages will continue to work in modern browserssuperset


  119. Symbol often used to delimit phrases within a title tag's contentjpeg (jpg)


  120. Sockets, Canvas, Video, Web Workers, and Local Storage are examples of ___________ ______whitespace


  121. Image type used for small illustrations and logos<dl>, <dt>, <dd>


  122. One of the most common media types and is also the encoding standard for audio; currently used on all Apple productsmp3


  123. The two main kinds of lists in HTML<ul>


  124. One of the most widely-used media types for audiopre, blockquote, address


  125. WANLocal Area Network (intranet)


  126. True or false: The height and width attributes may be used to 'stretch' an image to a given dimension.true


  127. A very important element in the head of a page that provides search engine informationplaceholder


  128. MIME type for a MPG/MPEGmeta


  129. A website should (must) be contained in a folder called the _____Miro Converter (


  130. Command to attach an external JavaScript (called 'myscripts.js' to a web page<script src="myscripts.js"></script>


  131. Character entities begin with a(n) ____ and end with a ______ampersand (&), semicolon(;)


  132. To see if an HTML file passes a standard of compliancepre, blockquote, address


  133. 'images/logo.gif' is an example of a(n) ____ pathinline


  134. Apple's plug-in for videoQuickTime


  135. Description lists are used to list ____ and their _____terms ... descriptions


  136. JavaScript is at least ____ times faster than it was a decade agoplaceholder


  137. 'http://' is the _______ of a URLQuickTime


  138. Identify the error: <p>What's wrong now?<p>Closing tag does not have a /


  139. Three common attributes for the meta tagH.264, Theora, VP8


  140. An HTML document consists of two parts:DOCTYPE declaration and document tree


  141. Prefix on a path that navigates up from a child to a parent folder<audio src="fileName.mp3"></audio>


  142. MIME type for a MP3audio/mpeg or audio/x-mpeg


  143. When you use the ____ element for media, you code all parameters as _____, not as <param> elements<embed>


  144. Software components used to 'decode' video files so they may be playedcodecs


  145. Character coding that has support for many alphabets, including non-western onesgif