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  1. Attribute to identify a link as going toward a favicon
  2. True or false: The target attribute is deprecated (phased out, shelved) in HTML5, as it was in HTML4
  3. Identifies a <meta> element as containing vital search words for a search engine
  4. Multiple attributes are separated by _____
  5. Attribute values should be enclosed in _____
  6. Require attribute for an image, telling us what to show if the image is unavailable
  7. Says that a stylesheet may be found at 'book.css' in the root of a web site
  8. Write a link that starts an email message to '' with a subject of 'Web mail'
  9. Boolean attribute saying to mark a checkbox as selected
  10. Default value for the media property
  11. A(n) ____ attribute with the same value can be used for more than one HTML element
  12. Instructs the browser to open a hyperlink in a new page
  13. Says an <img> file may be found in the images folder as 'logo.gif'
  14. Identifies a web input element as a checkbox
  15. Used to provide the x, y pair for a point in an image map polygon
  16. Boolean attribute indicating that the date is a publication date for the article that contains the time element
  17. Used to apply an 'inline style' of font color, red Antiquated, though, should not be used
  18. Displays the text "TCA Logo" in case an image file for the logo cannot be found or displayed
  19. A _____ _____ represents either an on or off value
  20. Provides a screen tip (tool tip) on a hyperlink saying "Visit our school!"
  21. Says "I'm a stylist page" to a <link>
  22. Two properties for formatting unordered lists
  23. Assigns an identification name to a <div> as 'page'
  24. True or false: Attribute values are case sensitive
  25. Use this attribute to specify a link to a PDF
  26. Used for making image maps
  27. A(n) ____ attribute is used to identify a single HTML element so it's value can be used for only one HTML element
  28. Specifies that a style sheet should be used for printing to a printer (used by the <link> element)
  29. Sets the tab order for links (<a>), that is, the sequence links will be tabbed to when the user presses the 'Tab' key
  30. Use this attribute to specify a link to a mp3 file
  31. Used to create an anchor name of 'top' to an <a> tag (for use as a placeholder)
  32. Identifies an element to be styled as a 'nav_link'
  33. Attribute name for a date and time in a standard form that can be parsed by a browser
  34. You wish to collapse two row cells into one. Use this attribute
  35. Specifies a relative or absolute URL for a link
  36. Six common values for the list-style-type property of an ordered list
  37. Required attribute for an image, telling us where it is
  38. Displays a screen tip saying "Remember the Alamo" when hovering over an image
  39. Indicates the type of area for an image map. Possible values are: rect, circle, poly and default
  40. Spaces are _____
  41. Defines a page's language as English, used in an <html> tag
  42. Establishes the type of characters used in a web page, used in a <meta> tag
  43. Establishes the list of keywords or summary info for a <meta> statement
  44. Specifies an image width as 80 pixels
  45. Four values for list-style-type
  46. Used to tell if a cell is associated with a column or a row in a table
  47. Specifies an image height as 100px
  48. Identifies one or more header cells that describe the content of a cell
  49. Provides a name for an image map
  50. Identifies a keyboard key that can be used in combination with other keys to activate the control. The key combination depends on the operating system and the browser
  51. Says to link to the page 'contact.html' within the root of the web site
  52. Write a complete ordered list opening tag statement that begins numbering the list at 4
  1. a datetime
  2. b double quotes
  3. c href="contact.html"
  4. d tabindex
  5. e shape
  6. f list-style-type and list-style-image
  7. g name="keywords"
  8. h charset="utf-8"
  9. i src="images/logo.gif"
  10. j screen
  11. k height="100"
  12. l rel="stylesheet"
  13. m lang="en"
  14. n content = "blah blah blah"
  15. o Boolean attribute
  16. p href
  17. q alt="TCA Logo"
  18. r false
  19. s name
  20. t type="checkbox"
  21. u class="nav_link"
  22. v true
  23. w scope
  24. x id="page"
  25. y accesskey
  26. z coords
  27. aa type="application/pdf"
  28. ab rowspan="2"
  29. ac type="audio/mpeg"
  30. ad alt
  31. ae width="80"
  32. af href="book.css"
  33. ag <ol start="4">
  34. ah target="_blank"
  35. ai pubdate
  36. aj title="Visit our school!"
  37. ak class
  38. al rel="shortcut icon"
  39. am checked
  40. an headers
  41. ao media="print"
  42. ap id
  43. aq spaces
  44. ar evil
  45. as id="top"
  46. at usemap
  47. au disc, circle, square, none
  48. av <a href=" mail">Email us!</a>
  49. aw style="color:red;"
  50. ax title="Remember the Alamo"
  51. ay src
  52. az decimal, decimal-leading-zero, lower-alpha, upper-alpha, lower-roman, upper-roman