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  • array

    A JavaScript object that stores multiple values in one variable name.


    Comparison of values


    Regulates the speed in which the characters display in the text field.

    display object

    Identifies where the scrolling message is displayed.


    An action such as a mouse click or a window loading.

    event handler

    A way to associate an action with a function

    focus() method

    Gives attention to an object.

    for loop

    Relies on a conditional statement using numeric values and executes a specified number of times and thus is often referred to as a counter-controlled loop.

    if statement

    Used to test a condition and then take one or more actions, based on the results of the test.


    A series of statements that executes repeatedly until it satisfies a condition.


    A text string assigned to a variable.

    open() method

    Used to create a pop-up window


    A numerical, string, logical, or object data type or value. Must be of the same data type or will not get a true comparison result.

    pop-up window

    Appears over the previously opened browser window.


    Location of the next character in the text string.


    The number base to which the integer value should be converted.


    A programming technique in which a function is called within itself, creating an "endless loop."

    while loop

    Relies on a conditional statement that either can use a numeric value or a string and executes until the specified condition is no longer true.

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