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  • a:active

    Anchor or link selector - gains focus (for example, when it is clicked).


    Selector to define the style of a link when the mouse points to a link.


    Anchor or link selector - for an unvisited link


    Selector to define the style of a visited link

    absolute path

    Specifies the exact address for the file to which you are linking or displaying a graphic.

    anchor tag

    The <a> tag used to link to another page in the same Web site, to a Web page in an external Web site, within the same Web page, and for e-mail links.

    body (selector)

    A style statement uses this selector to specify that all text on the Web page should be a certain font family and/or size


    Used to gain more control for of elements of an HTML file as a category


    Sets properties and values for a selector in a CSS rule

    e-mail link

    When a visitor clicks, it automatically opens a new message in the default program and inserts the appropriate contact address.


    An element like an image that allows the element to move to the side indicated in the statement.

    home page

    First page in a Web site


    When the mouse pointer points to or is over a link

    logical style tags

    Allow a browser to interpret the tag based on a browser's settings, relative to other text on a Web page.


    The href attribute value uses the word to indicate it is an e-mail link


    Describes the location (folder or external Web site) where the files can be found.

    physical style tags

    Specify a particular font change that is interpreted strictly by all browsers.


    Attached to a selector with a colon to specify a state or relation to the selector to give the Web developer more control over that selector.

    relative paths

    Specify the location of a file, relative to the location of the file that is currently in use.


    Beginning location of a file path


    Part of a CSS rule that is normally the HTML element you want to style.

    <span> </span>

    Tags to create a container into which a user can add an inline style.


    A named location that an <a> tag specifies in the same file.

    text-decoration property

    Allows text to be "decorated" with one of five values: underline, overline, line-through, blink, or none. Can be used in a variety of tags including the anchor tag.

    thumbnail image

    A smaller version of the image itself. Used as a link that, when clicked, will load the full-sized image.

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