Modern web pages are able to 'talk' to the server and get information to be used in a page, even after the page has loaded, and without reloading the page! Here are some of the incidentals...


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  • JSON

    JavaScript Object Notation

    JavaScript command to create a 'request' object

    var request = new XMLHttpRequest();

    JS command to tell a request object what URL to use to get information along with the kind of request it should use. Assume a standard 'GET' procedure and a URL called 'url'"GET", url);

    Boolean condition indicating 'success' for a request object in getting information

    request.status == 200

    A ____ is often written to let us know when data comes in from the server


    Framework snippet for a request handler

    request.onload = function{ if(request.status==200) <code here>};

    Command to go out and get some data from the server (by a 'request' object)


    JSON has quickly become the 'format of choice' for getting information from the web with HTML5 apps, and has overtaken and surpassed(?) its 'rival':


    Command to take a JavaScript object (called 'movie') and store in as 'web data' using JSON


    Command to turn a 'stringified' JavaScript object back into a JS object. Assume the information was stored as 'jsonString'


    Cannot be converted to a JSON string


    To get HTML ____ or ____ from a server, the browser sends a(n) _____ request


    An HTTP response includes a response ____ that indicates if there was an error with the request


    The HTTP response code ____ means the request had no errors


    To send an HTTP request from JS, use the ____ object


    The XMLHttpRequest object's ____ handler handles getting the response from the _____

    onload ... server

    The ____ response to an _____ is placed in the request's ______ property

    JSON ... XMLHttpRequest...responseText

    To convert the responseText string to JSON use the _____ method


    XMLHttpRequest is used in applications to update _____ such as ____ and ___ without requiring a page reload

    True or false: XMLHttpRequest can be used to retrieve any kind of text content, such as XML, JSON, and more


    To use XMLHttpRequest, you must serve files and request data from a _____ , which can be ____ or _____


    True or false: The XMLHttpRequest onload property is supported by most older browsers, including IE8 and lower



    JSON with Padding

    A way to retrieve JSON objects by using the <script> tag, that eliminates or side steps security issues often occuring with XMLHttpRequest when attempting to get access to information stored on a different server than the one hosting the current page


    A much more meaningful name other than "JSON with Padding"

    JSON with a Callback

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