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  1. Mesozoic
  2. 550 million years ago
  3. life; living things
  4. lead
  5. Cenozoic
  6. Mesozoic
  7. The granite is older if the sandstone contains pebbles of the granite.
  8. principle of faunal succession
  9. Tilted strata lie below the unconformity; bedding in younger strata above is parallel to the unconformity.
  10. surface of erosion separating younger strata above from older strata below
  11. The organism only lived for a short period of geologic time.
  12. law of superposition
  13. between one-fourth and one-eighth
  14. beds l and 3 are older than bed 4
  15. one millionth
  16. Nicolaus Steno, 17th century
  17. An angular unconformity
  18. correlation
  19. eon, era, period, epoch
  20. Cenozoic