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  1. at great depths in the crust where two continents are colliding
  2. fault movements at shallow depths
  3. aid in the movement of dissolved silicate constituents and facilitate growth of the mineral grains
  4. phyllilte
  5. schist
  6. slate, phyllite, schist
  7. gneiss
  8. heat from a nearby magma body
  9. high temperatures associated with meteorite impacts
  10. Granitic gneiss
  11. phyllite
  12. aureole
  13. calcite grains grow larger and increase in size
  14. marble
  15. micas
  16. Foliation
  17. Marble
  18. hornfels
  19. Pressures are fairly low, the rock is in the upper part of the crust, and heat is supplied from a nearby magma body.
  20. Hornfels