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  1. warm and moist as in a wet, tropical forest
  2. in moist, temperate climates
  3. the process by which weathered rock and mineral particles are removed from one area and transported elsewhere
  4. frost wedging
  5. Less humus is produced in the cool, temperate forest but the rate of decay and oxidation is slower than in a tropical rainforest.
  6. areas of severe wind erosion on the Great Plains, 1930s
  7. precipitation of iron oxides during the chemical weathering process
  8. a tropical rainforest in the Amazon Basin of Brazil
  9. calcite
  10. leaching zone
  11. mass wasting
  12. The ferromagnesian minerals in the gabbro and basalt are subject to oxidation and chemical breakdown.
  13. chemical
  14. warm temperatures; very moist
  15. sheeting fractures
  16. talus slope
  17. residual
  18. dust-sized grains of iron oxides
  19. 0, A, E, B, C, bedrock
  20. the edges and corners