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  1. identify a mechanism capable of moving continents
  2. subduction zones along convergent plate boundaries
  3. continental rift along which parts of the African continent are beginning to slowly separate
  4. sinking of oceanic lithosphere into the mantle at a subduction zone
  5. northward movement of India into Eurasia
  6. divergent boundaries by submarine eruptions and intrusions of basaltic magma
  7. rocks formed by glaciers in South Africa and South America
  8. a deep, vertical fault along which two plates slide past one another in opposite directions
  9. Pacific
  10. hot spot
  11. Pangaea
  12. a rift zone that may eventually open into a major ocean if Arabia and Africa continue to separate
  13. convergent (subducting)
  14. mid-ocean ridges
  15. shield volcanoes fed by a long-lived hot spot below the Pacific lithospheric plate
  16. changes in the Moon's orbit due to shifting plates
  17. export of heat from deep in the mantle to the top of the asthenosphere
  18. a divergent plate boundary
  19. Lines of earthquake epicenters
  20. normal and reversed magnetized strips roughly parallel to the ridge