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  1. ventifact
  2. 2 meters
  3. originated as rock flour in Pleistocene glacial streams and rivers
  4. 20 and 30
  5. Saltation
  6. wash
  7. difference between annual precipitation and evaporation potential
  8. Steppes
  9. desert pavement
  10. flat, upland surfaces, steep slopes and small alluvial fans
  11. Alluvial fans typically rim desert valleys; playas form in the lowest, interior parts of the valleys.
  12. the dry valleys of eastern California and Nevada
  13. by saltation in the first few meters above the land surface
  14. Cool, dry air aloft is descending; surface winds are blowing toward the equator.
  15. loess deposits
  16. Runoff and deflation carry off the silt and clay, leaving coarser particles behind.
  17. west to east
  18. barchan
  19. bedrock hills in a highly eroded desert landscape
  20. 30%