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  1. Original, old age streams downcut as the land gradually rose.
  2. The gradient is lowered as the channel lengthens and migrates toward the cut or outer bank of the loop.
  3. 0.5 m/km
  4. trellis
  5. Calcium carbonate dissolving in soil water and groundwater
  6. distributaries
  7. Capacity
  8. infiltration decreases; runoff increases
  9. sea level falls; land rises
  10. radial
  11. The natural channel had a lower gradient and higher friction than the straight channel.
  12. An oxbow
  13. The drop in elevation of a stream divided by the distance the water travels.
  14. on the outer parts of the meander loops or bends
  15. Suspended load
  16. Rapids and lots of whitewater
  17. the land is uplifted
  18. trellis
  19. upper basin; very heavy, sustained rainfall in the late spring and early summer
  20. Silt and clay-sized detrital grains