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  1. Mass wasting does not require a transporting medium.
  2. rock avalanche
  3. To protect the pipeline against damage due to thawing ground and to keep the crude oil hot and fluid.
  4. One set of widely spaced, sub-horizontal fractures.
  5. A rock avalanche
  6. Scarp
  7. all of the above
  8. A block or blocks of unconsolidated regolith slide downhill along a curved slip surface.
  9. becomes an earthflow
  10. Pyroclastic flows melt snow and ice near the summit.
  11. just above the highest piece of sandstone seen in the soil.
  12. Soils and shallow bedrock were very wet and locally saturated.
  13. The soil expands and contracts, lifting particles and dropping them a slight distance downslope.
  14. an extremely thick soil profile
  15. solifluction
  16. creep
  17. Water lowers the strength and cohesion.
  18. It will decrease as the slope angle is lessened.