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  1. isostasy
  2. Marine strata in a basin between the former Asian and European plates were squeezed, folded, and uplifted as the two joined to form the Eurasian plate.
  3. andesitic lavas and pyroclastic materials
  4. Appalachians in the eastern United States
  5. fault blocks uplifted by late Tertiary to Quaternary normal faulting
  6. suture
  7. Geologically different, microcontinent-sized fragments and terranes, formed elsewhere, were tectonically accreted to North America.
  8. sedimentary strata folded in late Paleozoic time
  9. Himalayan Range and Tibetan Plateau in northern India and southwestern China
  10. marine basin between India and Eurasia
  11. are underlain by greater than average thicknesses of lower density, crustal rocks
  12. at the edge of the overriding plate facing a subduction zone
  13. areas of Africa and Arabia bordering on the Red Sea
  14. are uplifted blocks that typically have cores of Proterozoic igneous and metamorphic rocks
  15. orogeny
  16. The Appalachians
  17. A mountain range undergoing erosion should uplift slowly.
  18. uplift of areas recently covered by thick, continental ice sheets
  19. eastern margin in the United States