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  1. They were cut by streams and rivers during the Pleistocene when sea level had dropped to the base of the continental slope.
  2. continental rifts
  3. hydrothermal metamorphism
  4. rift zones
  5. 1 to 5 centimeters per year
  6. Deep ocean trenches
  7. are volcanoes that form on the ocean floor
  8. A tectonically passive, trailing continental margin
  9. continental rise
  10. around seafloor hot spring vents
  11. newly formed lithosphere is hotter and therefore less dense than the surrounding rocks
  12. continental shelf
  13. all of these
  14. The top of the continental slope
  15. 70%
  16. lithospheric mantle
  17. sound pulse to travel from a ship to the seafloor and back
  18. continental shelves
  19. deep-sea fan at the base of a continental slope
  20. ship-mounted echo sounders