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  1. Moho
  2. crystalline iron and nickel
  3. P waves are faster in the inner core than in the outer core
  4. crust
  5. Peridotite
  6. refraction of P waves crossing the mantle-outer core boundary
  7. outer core
  8. Andrija Mohorovicic; 1909
  9. is a self-generating and self-reversing dynamo in the outer core
  10. Magnesium silicates
  11. weak electrical currents associated with fluid motions in the outer core
  12. mantle
  13. Basalt and gabbro
  14. by analysis of the P-wave and S-wave shadow zones
  15. outer core
  16. inner core
  17. crust
  18. a zone of softened peridotite in the upper mantle
  19. outer core
  20. Stony meteorites