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  1. bedrock
  2. seismograph; Richter
  3. horizontally vibrating surface waves
  4. Liquefaction
  5. Liquefaction and foundation failures were common.
  6. once every hundred and fifty years
  7. New Madrid, Missouri
  8. 30 times
  9. Reid; 1906, San Francisco
  10. They occur in the open ocean, wavelengths are many miles or kilometers and wave heights are only a few feet.
  11. surface location directly above the point where the fault slip initiates
  12. I to XII that rates the structural damage due to an earthquake
  13. are faster than S waves and surface waves
  14. Reid's elastic rebound theory
  15. aftershocks
  16. elastic strain
  17. Richter
  18. The epicenter is at the surface directly above the focus where the earthquake initiates.
  19. amplitude of the seismic waves
  20. focus