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  1. tensional stresses and normal-fault movements
  2. The deeper strata are buckled upward along the fold axis.
  3. an elongate dome cored by Proterozoic igneous and metamorphic rocks
  4. Horizontal distance is shortened perpendicular to fold axes.
  5. a low-angle, reverse fault
  6. a fold in which the strata dip toward the axis
  7. mainly normal faulting as East Africa begins to fragment
  8. Normal faults
  9. the hanging wall block has moved up relative to the footwall block along an inclined fault
  10. a hanging wall block that has moved down between two normal faults
  11. strike slip
  12. the hanging wall block above an inclined fault plane moves downward relative to the other block
  13. the crust is shortened and thickened
  14. dip slip
  15. San Andreas strike-slip fault
  16. a strike-slip fault that forms the boundary between tectonic plates
  17. an uplifted block bounded by two normal faults
  18. hogback
  19. strata oriented in roughly circular, outcrop patterns
  20. basin