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  1. inner core, outer core, mantle, crust
  2. James Ussher
  3. Igneous
  4. lithosphere
  5. They believed Earth to be much younger than current estimates.
  6. Historical geology involves the study of rock strata, fossils, and geologic events, utilizing the geologic time scale as a reference; physical geology includes the study of how rocks form and of how erosion shapes the land surface.
  7. oceanic ridges
  8. biosphere
  9. Lithification
  10. Any sedimentary deposit accumulates on top of older rock or sediment layers.
  11. compaction and cementation
  12. Uniformitarianism
  13. 4.6 billion
  14. landward of the continental slope
  15. Nebular Theory
  16. solid iron-nickel alloy
  17. law
  18. Sedimentary
  19. Catastrophism
  20. Aristotle