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  1. North Ridge Earthquake
  2. Benioff Zone
  3. Shallow Focus
  4. The Ricter scale measures what?
  5. In order to find the exact location of the epicenter of an earthquake, the first motion of what type of sesmic waves can be used?
  6. Elastic rebound theory
  7. The distance ofa seismic station from the epicenter of an earthquake can be measured by the time of arrivla differnces of what two types of seismic waves?
  8. Focus of an earthquake
  9. Extention Waves
  10. Rayleigh Wave
  11. Magnitude of an earthquake
  12. Benioff Zones are found near
  13. Compression Waves
  14. What is the minimum number of seismic stations needed to determine the estimated regional location of the epicenter of an earthquake?
  15. Epicenter
  16. Most earthquakes at Divergent plate boundaries are?
  17. Love Wave
  18. Earthquake
  1. a
  2. b •3
  3. c •P-Waves
  4. d •Trembling or shaking of the ground caused by the sudden release of energy stored in the rocks beneath the surface of the earth
  5. e • P & S Waves
  6. f •The point within the Earth where seismic wave originates
    •Point of initial breakage of the rock or movement along fault
    •Usually below the Earth's surface
  7. g •Earthquakes along a subduction zone
  8. h •Shallow Focus
  9. i •Narrow zone of earthquakes of descending depth along a subducting plate
  10. j •Point on the earth's surface directly above the focus
  11. k •Measures the energy released during the earthquake
  12. l •Magnitude of an earthquake
  13. m •Well-known earthquake the professor survived in So. Cali.
  14. n •Ocean trenches
  15. o •Also known as P-Waves
    •1st motion in the peak of a seismic wave is "up"
  16. p •Sudden release of progressively energy stored in the rocks
    •Rocks progressively strained
    •Energy stored in the rock exceeds the breaking strength of the rock
  17. q •Also known as S-Waves
    •1st motion in the dip of a seismic wave is "down"
  18. r • Seismic wave that is considered to be the most destructive