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Which of the following is not a fundamental particle found in atoms?


Which of the following is an accurate description of ionic bonding?

Atoms of different elements, having gained or lost electrons, form negative and positive ions that are bonded together by attractive forces between ions with opposite charges.

Which of the following is correct for isotopes of the same element?

The atoms have different numbers of neutrons and the same number of protons.

What mineral is the hardest known substance in nature?


Which carbonate mineral reacts readily with cool, dilute hydrochloric acid to produce visible bubbles of carbon dioxide gas?


Which mineral is composed of silicon dioxide (Si02)?


Which of the following minerals is a silicate?


A cubic centimeter of quartz, olivine, and gold weigh 2.5, 3.0, and 19.8 grams respectively. This indicates that ________.

gold has a higher density and specific gravity than quartz and olivine.

Which one of the following is a sodium and calcium feldspar with twinning striations?


Which of the following minerals is in the mineral group known as mica?


Which one of the following mineral groups exhibits a sheet-like silicate structure?


The ion at the center of a silicate tetrahedron is surrounded by ________.

4 oxygen ions

Which one of the following describes a mineral's response to mechanical impact?


Which of the following denotes the purity of gold used in jewelry?


Ruby and sapphire are red and blue forms of the mineral ________.


The strong tendency of certain minerals to break along smooth, parallel planes is known as ________.


In which type of chemical bonding are electrons shared between adjacent atoms?


How do the electrons behave in a mineral with metallic bonding?

They can move relatively easily from atom to atom inside the mineral.

Which of the following has the highest specific gravity?


Which of the following describes the light reflecting and transmission characteristics of a mineral?


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