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Seismic sea waves may also be referred to as ________.


The most widespread of all coastal depositional features is ________.

the beach

The single most important force in shaping coastal topography is(are) the ________.


The phenomenon of waves changing direction as they approach the shoreline is known as ________.


The Great Barrier Reef is associated with ________.


The cascading forward motion of breaking waves as they rush upon the shore is called ________.


Beach sand moves along the shore in a movement of materials called ________.

beach drifting

Which of the following is most closely associated with fjords?


Most coastal lagoons become, over time, ________.


Most material eroded from a coastal cliff ends up as a ________.


A linear extension of sand from the shore into the ocean is a ________.


Most present atolls are on former ________ islands.


The ________ is regularly covered and uncovered by the rise and fall of tides.

foreshore zone

Most atolls began as ________ around volcanic islands which later subsided beneath the sea.

fringing reefs

Which of the following is a shaper of the oceanic coastlines?

all of the above

Water moving roughly parallel to the shoreline is called ________.

longshore currents

Which of the following is most closely associated with a change in the volume of ocean water?

eustatic forces

A wave-cut platform most closely resembles the letter _____.


The distance between one wave crest and the next is known as the ________.

wave length

Along coastal cliffs, the most effective erosion takes place ________.

at sea level

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