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________ is one of the two major flow mechanisms in a glacier.

Basal slip

Where is the world's largest ice sheet located today?


Approximately how long ago did the last of the great North American ice sheets melt?

15,000 yrs

Which one of the following applies to a valley glacier that lengthens (extends its terminus downslope) over a period of many years?

Accumulation exceeds wastage.

Abrasion and plucking generally involve what part of a glacier?

the basal, sliding zone

A ________ cross-valley profile is typical of canyons and valleys eroded and deepened by alpine or valley glaciers.


________ are erosional features produced by valley/alpine glaciers.


Which of the following glacial features would typically be found in close proximity?

hanging valley and truncated spur

What type of moraine would be most useful for tracing diamond-bearing kimberlite fragments directly to their bedrock source area?

lateral, valley or alpine glacier

________ is the best explanation for a glacial surge.

Melting at the base of the glacier resulting in increased rates of basal slip

A(n) ________ is similar in appearance to a sinkhole of a karst area.


A fiord is ________.

a stream valley, deepened by glacial erosion, that floods as sea level rises

Which process occurs where a glacier enters the sea?


The ________ of the geologic time scale represents the time of the most recent "Ice Age."

Pleistocene epoch

A ________ is an erosional feature specifically produced by alpine glaciation.

U-shaped valley

A(n) ________ is likely to host a waterfall or steep rapids today.

hanging valley

How do icebergs in the North Atlantic Ocean originate?

by calving of large piedmont glaciers in Greenland

What type of moraine is formed by the merging of two lateral moraines at a junction of two valley glaciers?


A ________ forms when stagnant, glacial ice melts after being buried by drift.


Which of the following is often associated with a cirque basin in high, mountainous terrain?

tarn lake

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