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  1. the physical components of a computer: case, keyboard, monitor, motherboard, RAM, HDD, mouse, and so on. Generally speaking, if it is a computer component you can touch, it is hardware
  2. the main chip within the computer; also referred to as the brain of the computer; this microprocessor chip handles most of the operations (code and instructions) of the computer
  3. hardware or software designed to protect against instrusions into an Internet network
  4. typically the main storage location within the computer, consisting of magnetic platters contained in a case.
  5. files placed on a computer from a visited Web site; they are used to track visits and usage of that site.
  6. a feature that allows the user to designate favorite Web sites for fast and easy access
  7. portions of visited Web pages placed on the local hard disk drive to facilitate quicker retrieval once revisited
  8. slang term for an unauthorized computer or network intrusion
  9. short for binary digit;taking the form of either a one or a zero, it is the smallest unit of information on a machine
  10. the area that begins at the end of the last sector that contains logical data and terminates and the end of the cluster
  11. an accounting of Web sites visited; different browsers store this information in different ways.
  12. a group of sectors in multiples of two;typically the minimum space allocated to a file
  13. a group of eight bits