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  • anthropometry

    a system of identification of individuals by measurement of parts of the body, developed by Alphonse Bertillon


    a class of fingerprints characterized by ridge lines that enter the print from one side and flow out the other side

    digital imaging

    a process through which a picture is converted into a series of square electronic dots known as pixels


    to emit visible light when exposed to light of a shorter wavelength

    iodine fuming

    a technique for visualizing latent fingerprints by exposing them to iodine vaports

    latent fingerprint

    a fingerprint made by oils and/or perspiration;invisible to the naked eye


    an inkless device that captures digital images of fingerprints and palm prints and electronically transmits them to an AFIS


    a class of fingerprints characterized by ridge lines that enter from one side of the pattern and curve arond to exit fromt he same side of the pattern


    a chemical reagent used to develop latent fingerprints on porous materials by reacting with amino acids in perspiration

    Physical Developer

    a silver nitrate-based reagent formulated to develop latent fingerprints on porous surfaces


    a square electronic dot that is used to compose a digital image

    plastic print

    a fingerprint impressed in a soft surface

    portrait parle

    a verbal description of a perpetrator's physical characteristics and dress provided by an eyewitness.

    ridge characteristics (minutiae)

    ridge endings, bifurcations, enclosures, and other ridge details; must match in two fingerprints to establish common origin


    a physical change from the solid directly into the gaseous state

    Super Glue fuming

    a technique for visualizing latent fingerprints on non porous surfaces by exposing them to cyanoacrylate vapors

    visible print

    a fingerprint made when the finger depostis a visible material such as ink, dirt, or blood onto a surface


    a class of fingerprints that includes ridge patterns that are generally rounded or circular and have two deltas

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