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  • Marquis

    The reagent used for the field test of heroin is ________


    Marijuana is considered to be a(n) ________________


    The most satisfactory way of simultaneously separating tentatively identifying drugs is by

    Schedule II

    Drugs deemed to have the highest potential for abuse and having a current medical use are listed in which schedule of the Controlled Substance Act?


    The most common diluent of heroin is


    A police officer performs a field test on a white powder, obtaining a purple color. The most likely drug present is ____________


    There is significant likelihood that continued use of ______ will result in a low degree of psychological dependence.

    ethyl alcohol

    Regular use of which of the following drugs may lead to physical dependency?


    Heroin is a chemical derivative of

    infrared spectrophotometry

    This is an analytical technique considered to be a specific test in a drug identification scheme


    is produced synthetically and does not occur naturally.

    Schedule IV

    The tranquilizers valium and librium are classified in which schedule of the Controlled Substances Act.


    Chromatography is a _____________ for separating and tentatively identify the components of a mixture.

    retention time

    A compound tentatively can be identified by gas chromatography from its ______


    The last step in a thin-layer chromatographic analysis is ___


    The ____ of a substance between a mobile and stationary phase describes chromatography.

    absorption of light at specific frequencies

    The recorder of a spectrophotometer measures


    Drugs such as alcohol, heroin, amphetamines, barbiturates, and cocaine can lead to a ____ degree of psychological dependence with repeated use.


    The development of _____ dependence on a drug is shown by withdrawal symptoms such as convulsions when the user stops taking the drug.


    Physical dependency develops only when the drug user adheres to a ____ schedule of drug intake.


    Narcotic drugs are analgesics that ______ the central nervous system (CNS).


    __ is a gummy, milky juice exuded through a cut made in the unripe pod of the opium poppy.


    A legally manufactured drug that is related chemically to heroin and heavily abused is ______


    is the sticky resin extracted from the marijuana plant


    The active ingredient of marijuana largely responsible for its hallucinogenic properties

    lysergic acid

    LSD is a chemical derivative of ______, a chemical obtained from the ergot fungus that grows on certain grasses and stains

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