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  1. Created the jersey wrap dress
  2. Started out by learning how to sew clothes for dolls. Designed dresses worn by first lady, Michelle Obama to two inaugurations. Famous for ultra contemporary designs & perfect tailoring.
  3. Designs jeweled minaudiere evening bags
  4. Was head designer at Perry Ellis and then Louis Vuitton until he left to focus on his own brand.
  5. Designer who made costume jewelry chic
  6. Hand picked by Oscar de la Renta to take over his house as creative director.
  7. Italian designer, known as the "rock and roll" designer
  8. Italian designer, designs sexy clothes in curvy shapes and exotic prints
  9. American designer, popularized the concept of Bridge Lines
  10. Japanese designer, designs under Comme de Garcons label, reinvents structure of clothing by tearing sleeves, cutting holes etc.
  11. London designer, "Mother of Punk"
  12. Created the "New Look" in 1947
  13. Designed for Puma, known for outrageous avant garde shows and sharp edge tailoring.
  14. Bridge Line is Encore
  15. Best known for beautiful evening gowns, first American designer to design for a French couture house (Balmain).
  16. Italian designer, "Master tailor of Italy"
  17. Designed Madonna's cone bra costumes
  18. Designs for house of Chanel, Fendi Furs and his own label
  19. Famous for using the color black, urban/youth inspired sportswear and has won several awards for his accessories.
  20. Hippie kid & former pre-med student duo, business is named after their mothers maiden names
  21. "Minimalist", German designer
  22. French designer, "Queen of Sweaters", known for her knits
  23. American designer known for authentic american sportswear
  24. Designer known for his provocative jean and fragrance ads
  25. Pop culture revivalist, favorite among musicians and celebrities, head designer at Moschino.
  26. Known for minimalist designs & sharp menswear, designed for Jill Sander and took over at Christian Dior before leaving to focus on his own brand.
  27. Famous for bags. Was the young head designer at couture house Balenciaga, until he replaced Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton.
  28. First couturier to branch into designer RTW
  29. Bridge Line was Oliview and current one is titled Red alongside his namesake.
  30. Made Jackie Kennedy's famous pillbox hat, epitome of glamour in the 70's
  31. Bridge Line is Portfolio
  32. Designed the wedding dress for Carolyn Bessett Kennedy
  33. Bridge Line is Pleats Please
  34. American designer, created concept of separates
  35. American designer, best known wedding gown designer