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  1. What is Chase and Flight?
  2. The dress popular when miniskirts were popular was the...
  3. Which designer is credited with introducing the New Look to post-World War II America?
  4. Why is fashion unique?
  5. Women were introduced to pantyhose during the...
  6. Wholesale prize zones are designated base on...
  7. 1990's
  8. The word Zeitgeist describes...
  9. Marketers of fashion often use fashion promotions with ______ to sell more fashion.
  10. 1960's
  11. What are distinguishing factors of the men's wear industry?
  12. Fashion usually emerges first in...
  13. Trickle Down Theory
  14. Styletribes refers to...
  15. The women's wear industry wholesale categories include casual sportswear, tailored clothing, and...
  16. The recent recessions have caused a decline in business for the children's wear industry.
  17. The demise of serviceable fashions that are then replaced by newer, seemingly more attractive fashion is...
  18. Geographic Theory
  19. The women who publicly rejected the wearing of corsets and adopted Turkish trousers under shorter skirts are known as...
  20. What is the order of the supply chain levels?
  21. The high-low trend in dressing means that people wear more expensive branded pieces with rted-right items at fast-fashion.
  22. The marketing term for the consumer group between the ages 8 and 12 is...
  23. Forecasting services and consulting services in the supply chain are known as...
  24. The sourcing of textiles and apparel comes from American suppliers because American suppliers offer the lowest costs due to production efficiencies.
  25. The wholesale zones typical of a department store's main level merchandise are...
  26. What is fast fashion?
  27. The notion that new fashions evolve from the most recent fashion is referred to as ...
  28. The counterculture group that wore black and had a strong influence on hippies was the...
  29. What is planned obsolescence?
  30. The process of custom tailoring a man's clothes to his specific measurements is...
  31. 1910's
  32. Many people of the 1970's were dressed in the recommended career ensemble of John T. Malloy.
  33. What is NOT a Fashion Principle?
  34. 1970's
  35. When and by who was nylon introduced?
  36. What are some personal qualities desired in those who pursue fashion careers in fashion?
  37. 1940's
  38. The broad term for the general direction in which fashion is moving...
  39. The purpose of fashion is to...
  40. When designers opt to reinterpret select pieces from their signature lines while maintaining the style of the signature collection, the pieces are part of the ____ line.
  41. 1920's
  42. For best career preparations, college students are encouraged to...
  43. What is the key to successful marketing of fashions that are popular at the moment?
  44. 1900's
  45. Trickle Up Theory
  46. 1930's
  47. Businesses existing at the beginning of the apparel supply chain are...
  48. The theory of the shifting erogenous zone suggest...
  49. One of the effects of World War II on the American fashion industry was the...
  50. The time during the 1970s when men wore colorful, effeminate clothing was known as the...
  51. 2000's
  52. The combined size of the men's and boy's apparel and accessories industries is twice as large as that of the women's apparel and accessories industries
  53. Theory that describes a single fashion using different adjectives, depending on how far removed the style is from its fashionable days.
  54. 1950's
  55. What is merchandising?
  56. A current trend in the children's wear industry is...
  57. 1980's
  1. a Apparel & Accessories
  2. b Flowing Midi Skirted Suit with Shoulder Pads; Conspicuous Consumption
  3. c Speed-to-market
  4. d when lower classes chase (imitate) fashions of the upper class, who then fly to a newer fashion
  5. e False
  6. f The continual introduction of new and different styles, prints, colors, and fabrics.
  7. g Emotives
  8. h Think critically
    Calculating Mind
  9. i Upper moderate/lower better
  10. j Emotional appeal, perishable, available to most income levels of consumers (democratic), requires group acceptance
  11. k unique cultural segments
  12. l trend
  13. m L.A. Law Skirted Suit; Sporty and Comfy
  14. n decorate, create a sense of identity, demonstrate superiority, relieve boredom, etc.
  15. o Fashions are first introduced by the lower social classes, youth, minorities, or working class, and then gain popularity with the more affluent consumers
  16. p Fewer firms in the men's wear industry, companies have long histories, compromised of vertically integrated firms
  17. q Peacock Revolution
  18. r True
  19. s True, book "Dress for Success"
  20. t Producer
    Ultimate consumer
  21. u Artificial obsolescence
  22. v DuPont Chemical Company in 1939
  23. w Walking Suit
  24. x Right product at the right time, right quantity, at the right price
  25. y Fashion is a price because you can purchase similar fashion at all prices.
  26. z An increase in the number of licensed products & increase in the influence children on purchase decisions.
  27. aa Fashions introduced by the wealthy and elite members of society, and then are adopted by the masses
  28. ab Limited contact with French couture house
  29. ac Fashion knockoffs of higher-priced items that are quickly copied, produced, delivered, and sold at low prices.
  30. ad Diffusion
  31. ae Auxiliary services
  32. af How fashion reflects social, political, and economic happenings.
  33. ag False, women's apparel and accessory retail industry is approximately 4 times larger.
  34. ah Fashions are first adopted near large metropolitan cities before moving inward toward the central US
  35. ai historical continuity
  36. aj Military Look
  37. ak Pantsuit; Dress for Success
  38. al Fiber and yarn production
  39. am Cost and quality
  40. an 1960's
  41. ao New Look; Suburban Style; Teenage Focus ; Grease
  42. ap Laver Theory
  43. aq Tweens
  44. ar A-line shift, above-the-knee hemlines, and white go-go boots ; The Lull and the Storm
  45. as This list is not a reflection of the women's wear wholesale categories.
  46. at False, sourcing comes from suppliers all over the world because offshore sourcing is a way to obtain the lowest cost on merchandise.
  47. au Flappers; The Roaring 20's
  48. av Bespoke tailoring
  49. aw Gain part-time employment
    Have a strong work ethic
    Understand that change will be a constant in their careers
  50. ax Fitted Flat-front slacks with turtlenecks sweaters
  51. ay Christian Dior
  52. az Beatniks
  53. ba The Suffragettes
  54. bb Gibson Girl Look; La Belle Epoque
  55. bc The female body is divided into a series of sterilized zones that are singularly uncovered to create fashion interest.
  56. bd Slinky, form-fitting bias cut dresses; Implausible Elegance
  57. be Maxi dress