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  • The most widely used of all natural fibers is:


    The soft, white, downy fiber that is strong and durable, cool to wear, and is commonly used in underwear and
    socks is:


    Which are man-made fibers?

    Nylon and polyester

    Applying colors, designs, or surface treatments that change the look, feel, or performance of fabrics is:


    Which weave creates diagonal ridges on the surface of the fabric resulting in a strong and durable fabric such as


    Which is the smallest unit in a textile fabric?


    In both wovens and knits, crosswise yarns are referred to as:


    The number of stitches, or loops, per inch in a knitted fabric is:


    Which manufactured fiber is silky and luxurious and is often used in neckties and lingerie?


    Which disposable items are recycled into a polyester fiber that is being used to make fabric for t-shirts and filling
    for pillows?

    Plastic bottles

    The soft, hairy coat of an animal used primarily for coats, outerwear and trimmings is:


    Fabrics constructed by compacting fibers together using a combination of moisture, heat chemicals, friction,
    and/or pressure are:


    The natural fiber that forms the coat of sheep and is commonly used in coats and blankets is:


    Which are animal fibers?

    Cotton and silk

    Which are natural fibers?

    Flax, cotton, and wool

    Knitted fabrics are constructed by:

    Looping yarns.

    the fine, lustrous fiber that comes from the cocoon of a worm is:


    Which is a group of fibers twisted together to form a continuous strand?


    Which manufactured fiber was the first to be made totally from chemicals?


    Which weave produces a smooth, shiny-surfaced fabric?


    Which manufactured fiber is made from coal or petroleum, often blended with other fibers, and has great


    Fibers that are man-made and begin as thick liquids are:


    A tough, flexible material made by preserving animal hides through a process called tanning is:


    The two categories of finishes applied to fabric, yarn or fibers to change the appearance, performance, or feel

    Mechanical and chemical

    The diagonal grain of a fabric is the:


    Thickness or diameter of a fiber is:


    A method of constructing fabrics by looping yarns together is:


    Which is true about wool?

    Strongest of all natural fibers

    Which is the chemical process that removes color, impurities, or spots from fibers?


    Which is a twill weave?


    Natural fibers derived from plants are natural fibers derived from plants are:


    Which defines fabric texture?

    Look and feel

    After having her kitchen redesigned, Mary was pleased with every aspect of the makeover. The pleasing visual
    effect of the new design is:


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