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  • The phrase _______ describes the situation in which the lower classes chase (imitate) fashions of the upper class, who then fly to a newer fashion.

    Chase and Flight

    Thorstein Veblen proposed that a style requires group acceptance before it can become a fashion.


    Fashion innovators start fashions, while fashion followers follow fashion.


    The high-low trend in dressing means that people wear more expensive branded pieces with trend-right items at fast fashion.


    The motion that new fashions evolve from the most recent fashion is referred to as historical continuity.


    Which of the following is not a fashion principle?

    Fashion is a price

    The fashion adoption theory that states that fashions are introduced by the wealthy and elite members of society, and then are adopted by the masses is the _______ theory.

    Trickle down

    The theory of fashion adoption that states that fashions are first introduced in the lower social cases, youth, minorities, or working class, and then gain popularity with the more affluent consumers is the _____ theory.

    Trickle up

    The fashion theory that states that fashions are first adopted near large metropolitan cities before moving inward toward the central United States is the ______ theory.


    The _______ theory describes a single fashion using different adjectives, depending on how far removed the style is from it's fashionable days.


    The theory of the shifting erogenous zone suggests:

    The female body is divided into a series of sterilized zones that are singularly uncovered to create fashion interest.

    The purpose of fashion is to:

    decorate, create a sense of identity, demonstrate superiority, relieve boredom

    Stylebrites refer to:

    Unique cultural segments

    The demise of serviceable fashions that are then replaced by newer seeming more attractive fashion is:

    Artificial obsolescence

    Business can segment a target market using demographics, psychographics, behavioral characteristics, or geographic.


    The four P's of marketing are product, place, price and promotion.


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