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  1. Digital FlexorExtends the toe and knee


  2. Digital ExtensorExtends the toe and knee


  3. Triceps BrachiiExtends the elbow joint


  4. DeltoidFlexes shoulder joint. Will load shoulder if over-developed.


  5. SpleniusLifts shoulder and forehand


  6. MasseterFlexes the elbow and extends the shoulder


  7. Flexor CarpusExtend the knee


  8. BicepsFlexes the elbow and extends the shoulder


  9. SupraspinatusLifts shoulder and forehand


  10. PectoralsHelps pull the foreleg foreward.


  11. Nuchal ligamentHelps muscles in the neck support the head.


  12. Extensor CarpusExtend the knee


  13. TrapeziusLifts shoulder and forehand


  14. Biceps BrachiiFlexes the elbow joint


  15. Latissimus DorsiOpens and closes the jaw. Allows chewing.


  16. TricepsFlexes the elbow and extends the shoulder


  17. BrachiocephalicusMoves the head and neck. Overdeveloped in ewe or bull necked horses.


  18. SternocephalicusMoves the head from side to side, pulls the scapula forward, raises it in collection, swings the foreleg forward.


  19. RhomboideusLifts shoulder and the forehand. Pulls the scapula forward.