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  1. Originates on C4, C5, T1; Inserts into the spinous and articular processes of the cervical vertebrae.
  2. Origin: Transverse process of C3-C5. Insertion: Ventral surface of the occipital bone of skull. Flexes poll. stabilizes the upper neck.
  3. Originates from T3-T5, inserts on the nuchal crest
  4. Originates on spinous process of axis; Inserts into occipital bone.
  5. ...
  6. Originates from the sternum; Inserts into the caudal side of the mandible. Lowers head.
  7. Origin: Posterior border and spine of the scapula. Insertion: Deltoid tuberosity of the crest of the humerus bone and brachial fascia. Assists in protraction of the limb. Stabilizer of shoulder joint.
  8. Origin: Transverse process of C3-C7. Insertion: Craniomedial upper third of the scapula. Brings scapula forward. Raises neck. Suspends and stabilizes. May assist during inspiration (breathing).
  9. Originates at temporal bone, inserts on humerus.
    Pulls forelimb forward, raises the scapula.
  10. Similar to brachiocephalicus
  11. Originates on dorsal side of the neck, near poll; Inserts on the spine of the scapula. Raise shoulder.
  12. Originates from the nuchal ligament; Inserts on the medial scapular cartilage, beneath Traps. Raise shoulder towards head and raise neck upwards.
  13. Cheek muscle; moves jaw open and closed
  14. ...