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Benefits of Massage

- Increased performance
- Assists in prevention of debilitating muscular injuries
- Increased circulation
- Improves lymph flow
- Improves structural posture


Must have oxygen and nutrients brought to them via blood

No life

No blood?

Over 700

Number of skeletal muscles in a horse

60 %

Amount of body mass that muscles encompass

Injuries develop

What happens when operating with tight constricted muscles in a state of resistance?


What occurs when muscles contract and relax?

Sports massage

Massage, hydrotherapy, ROM-flexibility procedures and strength training for athletes

Mechanical effect of massage

Direct physical effects of massage on the tissue that they contact

Reflexive effect of massage

Indirect responses to touch that affect the body function and the nervous system through energy systems of the body

Massage for circulation

All cells must have oxygen and nutrients, brought via blood

Massage for performance

Physically breaks down knots and contracted muscle fibers that cannot do their job. Leads to better muscle quality

Massage for mental acuity

Horse will experience significant state of relaxation, mental clarity, and self healing.


Tough, stiff, yet somewhat flexible, fibrous protein

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