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What is the bony column?

bones that go straight to the coffin

What acts as a pulley?

deep digital flexer tendon

Why can the tubules handle so much pressure?

100 billion straw like pieces, so can handle lots of pressure

Coronary band?

where it turns into the hoof. If it is messed up, the hoof will be messed up

What is a horse shoe an imitation of?

hoof wall

What is the smallest and largest horse shoe size?

000 and 10

What is an angle gage used for?

used to tell hoof angle

What is a high hoof angle?

50-60 degrees

What is a low hoof angle?

45 degrees

What should you do if there is not enough heel on hoof?

use a wedge pad

What is enterolith?

horse has "stones"

How does enterolith start?

-normally stars with a small piece of metal
-only find stones in horses fed alfalfa

What is the angle typically of a horse with club foot?

60-70 degrees

What should you do for a navicular horse?

leave the heel

What does navicular/ club foot/ mule have in common?

-all stand on high heel
-like a steep angle

What is navicular?

build up of arthritis around navicular bone

Where do you put the nails?

white line

What pieces hold like fingers to soft tissue?


What carries the weight?

hoof wall

What is the job of the sole?

wear away

What does like hoof wall do?

acts like a soap bowl, and holds all the weight


inflammation of the lamina

What causes p3 to come out of the hoof?

p3 wants to be parallel with the hoof wall. Lamina lets go, and then 300 lbs is forced to go down p3 which causes p3 to come out of the bottom of hoof.

What causes laminitis?



measurement of how much p3 has rotated within the capsule

How do you know a horse has founder?

- take digital pulse... it will be throbbing
- feel for heat in hoof

What should you do for a horse with founder?

-put in cold water and takes away inflammation
- flush out the horses system of toxins.

What do horse shoes extend?

hoof wall, so quarter doesn't get sore

Where do you trim if you are going to shoe a horse?

where sole and wall meets

What should you do if riding barefoot?

leave more hoof wall

How to grow out a hoof?

Make sole grow does to bottom of hoof by putting a pad on it to prevent it from breaking

Why does p3 not show up well in an x-ray?

it is dense

When does a horse need shoes?

when hoof wears faster than it is growing

Why is the frog squishy?

circulation purposes

How does you want a horse to stand?


How to change point of break over?

round out the hoof, and the break over point will be moved back
add a rocker bar, and break over point will be behind rocker bar

Why would you want to change the break over point?

speeds the horse up

Two types of lesions on the navicular bone?

spur and lollipop

Navicular bone?

acts as a fulcrum point to redirect the pull of the deep flexor tendon against the coffin bone as the horse moves forward

Navicular bulsa?

a fluid filled sack that lubricates the tendon surface of of the navicular bone

Navicular disease?

name given to the pain in the area of the navicular bone

Inflammation of navicular bursa, ligament sprain, cartilage or tendon obstruction, and bone changes is....


What is the pain level of navicular?

mild or severe

What does over exertion lead to?

developing arthritis

How many ligaments hold the navicular bone in place?


What happens if the ligaments that hold the navicular bone in place get injured?

lameness may occur and blood supply to navicular bone and it's cartilage may be disrupted.

signs of navicular?

pointing to with the heel off ground, changed in form of hoof, contracted at the heel, takes shorter steps, worse after a period of rest

Best method to diagnos navicular? what confirms it?

hoof testers
nerve blocks/ radio graphs

Treatment for navicular and objective?

bar shoe with heel support and rocker toe (trim and reset 4-6 weeks)
prevent strain on deep flexor tendon and relieve pressure on heel area to improve blood circulation


bent part of nail


to bend the nail over


bends the nail over

clinch block?

steel block


used to thin hoof wall to fit shoe and make divots

How do you know the shoe needs to be reset?

nails stick out

clinch cutter?

cut off clinch, so shoe can be removed

How often does a shoe need to be reset?

12-16 weeks

What side should the trademark of the nail be on when nailing it?


What makes the nail not go in straight?

bevel of point and bevel of head

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