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defect in form or function that does not interfere with usefulness


defect in form or function that does interfere with usefulness

Capped elbow

Swelling of bursa on point of elbow
irritation increases synovial fluid production
irritation from shoe when laying down or extreme animation

Popped knee

"capped knee"
inflammation on front of knee
excessive synovial fluid in joint capsules of knee or tendon sheath of lateral extensor tendon
blemish or unsoundness

Bucked shins

"shin splints"
caused by micro fractures in the periosteum of the front cannon
body lays down to much bone
blemish (unsoundness at first)


additional bone between cannon and splint
can result from conformation defects, limb interference and overextension
direct trauma
unsoundness to blemish

Bowed tendons

usually occur in flexor tendon (superficial)
caused by overflexion and fatigue
can happen suddenly or gradually
involves stretching or tearing of tendon

Bowed tendon treatment

healing results in scar tissue
scar tissue has less elasticity and circulation
rest is key to healing
sound but weak


hard swelling on front or side pastern area
overflexsion of fetlock or lateral movement of lower leg


soft swelling in fetlock area
excess synovial fluid
caused by overreaching and poor pastern conformation

Two types of windpuffs

articular: swelling of joint capsule of fetlock, swelling on side (can be blemish)
tendons: swelling of tendon sheath of deep flexor tendon
(can be blemish)


bone deposition around circumference of pastern area
high- pastern joint
low- coffin joint
caused by excessive concussion

False ringbone

does not involve joint

Sacroiliac luxation

hunter/ jumper bump
dislocation of LS
due to injury or twisting consistently

Capped hock

irritation of bursa on point of hock
causes increased synovial fluid production


soft swelling above point of hock
involves swelling of the tendon sheath of deep flexor tendon
located on both sides

Bog spavin

soft swelling on front and/ or side of hock
involves joint capsules of the hock
excessive exercise, poor conformation
blemish or unsoundness

Bone spavin

additional bone which interfere with joints of hock
poor conformation and excessive stress on hock
can result in fusion of some of the bones
blemish or unsoundness

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