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Your back should always remain...


Keep your _______ directly over your work


Use your _____

Body weight and legs

Keep a straight line through your...

Hand, wrist, and forearm

Avoid using ___ or ___ whenever possible

Thumbs, fingers

Body mechanics include

Strength, stamina, breathing, stability, balance, groundedness, centeredness


Repetitive strain injury

Types of RSI injuries

carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet, tennis elbow, rotator cuff

Ways to reduce RSI

- Use a variety of strokes
- Rest hands by spacing clients
- Stretch between sessions

Eastern Concepts of Fitness

Focus on building balance and becoming grounded/centered

Western Concepts of Fitness

Focus on strength and stamina


Ancient center of gravity - specific spot located two inches below and behind navel


Lower abdomen - breathing in and out helps lower the center of gravity and contributes to stability

Lower body provides how much more power?

Two and half times

Bow stance

Also known as archer stance or lunge. Lead foot points forward; trailing foot points off to side

Warrior stance

"Horse stance", Feet are placed on floor a bit wider then hip distance, back is straight

Being balanced

A major contributor to the reduction of energy expended while performing massage


These joints should be flexed and extended if a lifting or lowering action is needed while in the horse stance


Japanese term for lower abdomen


Architecturally speaking, the most structural stable base

Aligned spine

Accomplished by having a straight spine, erect head, and eyes looking forward, shoulders back and rib cage lifted slightly


Chinese term for the point located an inch or two below and behind the navel

Horse stance

Stance characterized by placing the feet just beyond hip distance with toes pointing forward

Bow stance

Stance recommended during strokes that require excursion


One activity that can be performed to warm up the therapist's body before massage

Body mechanics

Use of postural techniques, foot stances and leverage techniques to deliver massage therapy with maximum efficiency

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