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Body mechanics

The use of foot stances, body postures, and leverage techniques to deliver efficient massage with reduced risk of injury

Prevention of RSI

An effect of using proper body mechanics

Chronic misuse of the body

Repetitive strain injuries are due to

Carpal tunnel syndrome

An example of RSI

Proper body mechanics

Balance, breathing, strength and stability are all essential to


According to William Barry, what is the foundation of massage?

Focus and attention

Which of the following should come first when practicing proper body mechanics

2 1/2

How many times stronger is the lower body than the upper body


Architecturally speaking, which of the following is the most stable structural base

Two feet

The most stable base for the body is ____ on the ground


The Chinese term for the center of gravity is

Location of body's center of gravity

An inch or two below and behind the navel


When performing massage strokes from one point to the next along the client's body, the therapist should use which stance


When performing strokes that traverse relatively short distances, the therapist should use which stance


Movement from one stance to another should be initiated in the what

Align the spine

Which of the following is appropriate in the bow stance

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