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Female horse over 3 years old


Castrated Male horse over 2 years old


Un-castrated Male horse over 2 years old


A born baby horse, boy or girl, up to 6 months old


Male horse under 3 years of age


Female horse under 3 years of age


Colt or Filly, 6 months old


Horse who is 1 year old


The anatomy of the horse and how they are put together


The term for measuring a horse. 1 hand = 4 inches


The different footfalls of the horse.

Four Basic Gaits

Walk, Trot, Canter, Gallop


All the equipment used on a horse

Near Side

The left hand side of the horse

Off Side

The right hand side of the horse

Grooming Tools

Curry comb,Body brush, Face brush, Hoof pick

Curry comb

A traditional curry is oval in shape and made of rubber. It is used in a circular motion on the muscle mass of the horse

Body Brush

A stiff bristled brush used to groom the entire body of the horse. If the bristles aren't too stiff it may also be used lightly on the face of a horse. Brush with the lay of the horse's body hairs

Face brush

A soft bristled brush used on the horse's face as a finishing brush on the horse's body

Hoof pick

A piece of metal with a hook on the end used to clean out the bottom of the horse's hoof


The surrounding fence or enclosure of the arena


The middle of the arena

Tracking Left

All riders are riding around the arena with their left side facing the center of the arena

Tracking Right

All riders are riding around the arena with their right side facing the center of the arena


Riders leave the rail to the inside, make one complete loop (360) around, so that their horse ends up back at the rail facing the way they came


The rider leaves the rail to the inside, makes a U-turn or a 180 so that their horse will be going in the opposite direction

Change of Rein

Riders take their horse from one corner of the arena, thru the center diagonally, and into the other corner of the arena. In doing so, they change the direction they were traveling


The rider stands up in the saddle, keeping their knees bent, and leans slightly over the horse's neck. The reins are made shorter and the hands are over the middle of the neck


Is the name of the movement a rider makes when rising and falling in the saddle at the trot


Refers to which shoulder of the horse you are following when posting. you should always RISE AND FALL WITH THE LEG ON THE WALL


Refers to which leg is moving farther forward in the CANTER or GALLOP than the other. Ex., If you are Tracking right, the horse's front and hind leg on the right side should be more forward than the horse's left legs

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