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If inappropriate muscle tissue results in random orientation of scar tissue, then this is true

The fascicles lose their ability to slide relative to each other

Pathogenic organisms are considered to be


What vitamin aids in blood clotting

Vitamin K

Which of the following are the main building blocks of the body


What type of nutrient is the most common source of energy for the body


An example of an illness resulting from body system failure



Disease processes

Scar tissue is fragile in what stage

Subacute stage or regeneration

Physical injury caused by violent or disruptive action or toxic substances resulting in a severe, long term or short term shock is


Regional contraindication

Fungal infection on the coronet band

When pain persists beyond the expected healing time or the normal course of an illness, it can become

A chronic condition

Pain receptors are called



Suffix for pain

The following cartilage is most likely to be damaged from wear and tear of the hip or knee joint

Hyaline cartilage

Most effective deterrent to the spread of disease


Massage slows formation of scar tissue and keeps tissue pliable by

Promoting regeneration and keeping replacement to a minimum

Yellowish, gold, colored gums in a horse are indicators of

Jaundice or liver problems

In acute conditions it is best to not

Remove protective muscle splinting or spasms

Debris in a wound is capsulated for removal in which stage?

Inflammation stage

Cross-fiber friction reduces...


Lymphatic drainage massage methods most affect

Interstitial fluid

Benefits of massage occur because of

Physiological, psychological, and structural influences

What mechanical force is best described as a component of depth of pressure


Skin is sensitive to the sensory stimulation of massage because

Sensory information from the skin communicates to the spinal cord

Physical assessment provides data for which SOAP charting area?

Objective data

What is an example of a mechanical effect of massage therapy?

Changes in muscle fibers

An example of physiologic effect of massage therapy is?

Change in blood pressure

An example of massage on the cardiovascular system?

Increases red blood cell counts

The following is an effect of massage therapy on the lymphatic system

Increased levels of lymphocytes

Massage therapy improves ROM of a joint because

Massage decreases pain and stiffness, increases muscle length, and decreases muscle tightness

An effect of massage therapy on the musculoskeletal system is that massage...

Decreases delayed onset muscle soreness

A horse with myofascial pain syndrome would benefit most from effects of massage on the

Connective tissue

Reflexes most often are processed in which part of the central nervous system

Spinal cord

A psychologic effect of massage is that it

Reduces anxiety, depression, and stress

The effect of stimuli that result in muscle contraction and localized muscle splinting or guarding is part of the

Pain Cycle

Gate control theory

Pain impulses are unable to enter spinal cord

What is an effect of the localized muscle guarding

Metabolic wastes build up in the affected tissues

Which of the following is not a general benefit of massage

Inhibition of homeostasis

What are some mechanical effects of massage

Moving blood lymphs, warm fascia, stretch muscles and use passive joint movements, move interstitial fluid

Is vascular activity a reflexive effect?


Mechanical means

Directly acted upon or tissues are wholly passive and manipulated by the hand of the manipulator

Vasodilation and vasoconstriction are examples of

The reflexive effect and vascular activity

Reflexive effects are

Vascular activity, Glandular activity, and muscular contractions

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