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  1. process layout
  2. operations management
  3. make-to-order strategy
  4. outsourcing
  5. material requirements planning
  6. quality circle
  7. statistical process control
  8. mass customization
  9. fixed-position layout
  10. computer-integrated manufacturing
  11. ISO 14000
  12. flexible manufacturing system
  13. quality
  14. benchmarking
  15. layout
  16. PERT Chart
  17. mass production (make-to-stock strategy)
  18. just-in-time production
  19. cellular layout
  20. purchasing
  21. industrial robot
  22. continuous improvement
  23. product layout
  24. inventory control
  25. total quality management
  26. manufacturing
  27. computer-aided design
  28. manufacturing resource planning
  29. Gantt Chart
  30. master production schedule
  31. computer-aided manufacturing
  32. capacity
  33. ISO 9000
  34. electronic data interchange
  35. materials management
  1. a ability of a product to satisfy customer needs
  2. b production method in which high volumes of products are made at low cost and held in inventory in anticipation of future demand
  3. c layout in which products are produced by people, equipment, or departments arranged in an assembly line
  4. d employees who perform similar jobs and work as teams to identify quality, efficiency, and other work-related problems; to propose solutions; and to work with management in implementing their recommendations
  5. e layout that groups together workers or departments that perform similar tasks
  6. f company's commitment to making constant improvements in the design, production, and delivery of its products
  7. g computer-controlled machine used to perform repetitive tasks that are also hard or dangerous for human workers
  8. h tool for diagramming the activities required to produce a product, specifying the time required to perform each activity in the process, and organizing activities in the most efficient sequence
  9. i all manufacturers perform the same basic function: to transform resources into finished goods
  10. j graphic tool for determining the status of projects
  11. k management of inventory to ensure that a company has enough inventory to keep operations flowing smoothly but not so much that money is being wasted in holding it
  12. l set of international quality standards established by the International Organization for Standardization
  13. m layout in which workers are moved to the product, which stays in one place (used for larger items produced)
  14. n system in which computer-controlled equipment is programmed to handle materials used in manufacturing
  15. o all the steps taken by a company to ensure that its products satisfy customer needs
  16. p arrangement in a facility of equipment, machinery, and people to make a production process as efficient as possible
  17. q computerized exchange of business transaction documents
  18. r system in which the capabilities of a CAD/CAM system are integrated with other computer-based functinos
  19. s process of acquiring materials and services to be used in production (aka procurement)
  20. t system for reducing inventories and costs by requiring suppliers to deliver materials just in time to go into the production process
  21. u system using computer technology to control production processes and equipment
  22. v timetable that specifies which and how many products will be produced and when
  23. w technique for monitoring production quality by testing sample outputs to ensure that they meet specifications
  24. x technique of using a computerized program to calculate the quantity of materials needed for production and to reschedule inventory ordering
  25. y practice of comparing a company's own performance with that of a company that excels in the same activity
  26. z all decisions pertaining to the purchase of inputs, the inventory of components and finished products, and the scheduling of production processes
  27. aa layout in which teams of workers perform all the tasks involved in building a component, group of related components, or finished product
  28. ab production method in which fairly high volumes of customized products are made at fairly low prices
  29. ac maximum number of products that a facility can produce over a given period under normal working conditions
  30. ad system for coordinating a firm's material requirements planning activities with the activities of its other functional areas
  31. ae set of international standards for environmental management established by the International Organization for Standardization
  32. af production method in which products are made to customer specification
  33. ag system using computer technology to create models representing the design of a product
  34. ah all activities involved in transforming a product idea into a finished product, as well as those involved in planning and controlling the systems that produce goods and services
  35. ai practice of using outside vendors to manufacture all or part of a company's actual products