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  1. factoring
  2. self-employment tax
  3. pilferage
  4. working capital
  5. cash flow statement
  6. sales tax
  7. compound interest
  8. noncash expenses
  9. future value
  10. present value
  11. credit
  12. burn rate
  1. a the pace at which a company must spend capital before generating positive cash flow
  2. b an assessment levied by governments on purchases and collected by merchants
  3. c the value of current assets minus current liabilities
  4. d used with interest or rate of return and applied when earnings also accumulate interest or other returns, in addition to earnings on principal
  5. e receivables financing, or accessing cash for your business in exchange for offering a company the rights to the cash that will be collected from your customers
  6. f the amount an asset will be worth a number of periods from the present
  7. g the ability to borrow money
  8. h federal tax that business owners are assessed on waged paid to themselves
  9. i theft of inventory
  10. j what the suture amount of an asset or other investment is worth at face value discounted back to the present
  11. k adjustments to asset value not involving cash, such as deprecation and amortization
  12. l financial report that shows the money coming into and going out of an organization