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  1. the difference between assets and liabilities
  2. the ability to convert assets into cash
  3. net income divided by sales (percentage)
  4. measures total debt versus total assets
  5. debts that are due in over one year
  6. liquidity ratio consisting of the total sum of cash plus marketable securities divided by current liabilities
  7. something a person or entity devotes resources to in hopes of future profits or satisfaction
  8. indicates adequacy of cash to cover current debt
  9. those that will take more than one year to use
  10. the difference between assets and liabilities
  11. an expression of a value versus sales
  12. the net profit of a business divided by its start-up investment (percentage)
  13. cash or items that can be quickly converted to cash or will be used within one year
  14. debts that are scheduled for payment within one year
  15. net income divided by sales for a particular time period (percentage)
  16. the financial reporting year for a company
  17. the value of assets owned versus the value of liabilities owned
  18. investments that can be converted into cash within 24 hours
  19. compares total debt to total equity