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  1. line organization
  2. corporate governance
  3. payroll tax
  4. chain of command
  5. tactical plan
  6. code of conduct
  7. performance appraisal
  8. corporate social responsibility
  9. ethical relativism
  10. line and staff organization
  11. position description
  12. span of control
  13. operational plan
  14. behavioral interview
  15. code of ethics
  16. interview guide
  17. code of ethics and business conduct
  18. human resources
  19. strategic plan
  20. leader
  21. ethics
  22. advisory board or council
  23. job profile
  24. ethical dilemma
  25. sustainable
  26. job offer letter
  27. recruitment
  28. in-kind donation
  29. social entrepreneurship
  30. severance
  1. a situation where ethical standards are believed to be subject to interpretation
  2. b hierarchy of reporting and communications
  3. c a system of moral conduct and judgment that helps determine right and wrong
  4. d a combination of a written statement of values with official standards of employee behavior
  5. e the stated short-term methods for achieving tactical goals
  6. f the segment of a business that hires, train, and develops a company's
  7. g the number of direct reports for a manager or supervisor
  8. h a person who gets things done through influence, by guiding or inspiring others to voluntarily participate in a cause or project
  9. i a circumstance in which there is a conflict of ethical values, which thus muddies decision making
  10. j dialogue designed to determine the fir of a prospective employee with the requirements of a position, using prior-experience examples
  11. k a deduction employers must make from their employees' pay and forward to the appropriate governmental entity
  12. l pay that is continued for a limited time to an employee who has left a company
  13. m the sale of products or services on a for-profit basis to benefit a social purpose
  14. n a group that provides advice and counsel, but does not have the responsibilities of a board of directors
  15. o the explanation of the knowledge, skills, and abilities of a job profile, as well as the position's reporting and working relationships, plus its goals and objectives
  16. p a short-term (one year or less) implementation that has limited, specific objectives
  17. q a set of official standards of employee behavior for a company
  18. r the formal process used to evaluate and support employees' work performance
  19. s typically a three- to five-year overall design to achieve long-term growth, sales, and positioning goals for a business
  20. t a statement of the values of a company
  21. u rules and safeguards to ensure that executives behave legally and ethically
  22. v a business structure that includes the line organization, plus staff specialists (such as attorneys) who assist management
  23. w the act of finding and hiring employees
  24. x a business structure in which each person reports to a single supervisor
  25. y a formal written invitation extended by an employee to a candidate selected for hiring that states basic employment term, such as the position offered, starting date, and salary
  26. z a document to assist in question development regarding an individual's knowledge, skills, abilities, and interests
  27. aa referring to a scenario in which current needs are met while preserving future resources
  28. ab identification of the knowledge, skills, and abilities, required to perform the specific tasks of an employment position
  29. ac a contribution of products or services that may include time or goods, rather than cash
  30. ad the ethical obligation of a company to its community