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  1. hypertext
  2. safety stock
  3. process management
  4. visual control
  5. clustering
  6. hyperlink
  7. quality
  8. uniform resource locator (URL)
  9. operations
  10. economic order quantity (EOQ)
  11. supply chain management (SCM)
  12. continuous improvement
  13. reorder point (ROP)
  14. benchmarking
  15. leasehold improvements
  16. total quality management (TQM)
  17. electronic storefront
  18. factor-rating method
  1. a the management of sourcing, procuring, production, and logistics to go from raw materials to end customers across multiple intermediate steps
  2. b inventory-mana
  3. c always identifying and implementing changes throughout an organization to focus on the requirements of internal and external customers
  4. d a set of actions that produce goods and services
  5. e a Web-page address
  6. f Web-based documents that combine text and graphics
  7. g changes made to adapt a rented properly for a particular business
  8. h the amount of inventory to order that will equal the minimum total ordering and holding costs
  9. i the comparison of a company's performance against that of companies in the same industry, or against best practices, standards, or certification criteria
  10. j an online site that customers can visit to view a company's catalog, price lists, and documentation
  11. k the level at which materials need to be ordered again
  12. l location-decision criteria that are prioritized and weighted to eliminate subjective considerations
  13. m word(s) that, when clicked on, transfer the computer user to another Web page
  14. n the amount of inventory or raw materials or work-in-progress that is kept to guarantee service levels
  15. o the strategy of similar businesses locating near each other
  16. p the quality-assurance methodology of striving for strategic advantage through quality
  17. q degrees of excellence; conformance to specifications or standards
  18. r the measurement, monitoring, and optimization of tasks