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  • Distribution

    All activities involved in getting the right quantity of your product to your customers at the right time and at a reasonable cost


    Wholesaler/retailer who helps move products from their original source to the end user


    Intermediaries who buy goods from producers and sell them to consumers

    Wholesalers (Distributors)

    Intermediaries who buy goods from suppliers and sell them to businesses that will either resell or use them

    Profit Margin

    The amount you earn on each unit sold

    Physical Distribution

    Activities needed to get a product from where it was manufactured to the consumer

    Storage Warehouse

    Building used for temporary storage of goods

    Distribution Center

    Location where products are received from multiple suppliers, stored temporarily, and then shipped to their final destination

    Materials Handling

    Process of physically handling or carrying goods during production, warehousing, and distribution

    Supply Chain

    Flow that begins with the purchase of raw materials and ends with the sale of a finished product to an end user

    Supply Chain Management (SCM)

    Process of integrating all the activities in the supply chain

    Customer Value Triad

    Quality, service, price

    Value Chain

    Entire range of activities involved in delivering value to customers

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